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Disclaimer is an online website that contains and provides relevant and important information to visitors of this website. However, one should take note that this website is definitely not liable for any faults, mistakes or even exclusion of important data that are present or found on the website. in fact has the authority and privilege to edit any information and data, which are available on the website as well as to make any modification to the website. In addition to it, does not have to inform the users of this website prior to the modification. In other words, is not obliged and required to update the users of the website of any amendments or revisions being made to the information found on the website beforehand. On top of that, one should be aware that also does not guarantee the precision or the truthfulness of any data, words, news, designs or other website links that are available or being sighted on the website.

Clients of must recognize and comprehend that it is on their own accountability when they are playing and gambling online poker games at the poker rooms or at online casino through the use of this website. Furthermore, they should take into account that other betting activities at the website are at their own risks and therefore, these betting should be done wisely in order to avoid more losses. When one plays the online poker games at this website, one should be conscious and be aware that there is the possibility for one to lose money on bets in the online poker rooms as well as at other online betting places, which may include but not restricted to online casinos and sportsbooks. tries our best and strives in efforts so as to ascertain that all information and data that are provided on the website is correct and relevant, and also be of the latest and current news. This is to make sure that visitors of this website are constantly receiving the newest and useful information. If there is any chance that someone spots an erroneous data on our website, please send us an email at [email protected] immediately so as to inform us of the error. Only then, we are able to remedy the error as soon as possible within the shortest time. This is to help us to maintain the website to be as relevant as possible.

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