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Master the Art of Continuation Bet

Sometimes people risk a lot of money and continue to bet on cards that aren’t of much value, only to realize their mistake when they lose a considerable sum of money. Those who haven’t yet had enough experience with a continuation bet often find themselves in a sticky situation with just a low value pair and a lot of money at stake. To avoid this it is best to know everything you can before putting in a lot of money on a continuation bet.

The Most Common Bet in Hold'em

A continuation bet is most frequently met in a no limit hold’em; where a player repeats the bet or re-raises the bet on the previous round. Whether or not your cards are strong, a continuation bet can help make your opponents think that you have a strong hand even after the new cards are revealed. Knowing what a continuation bet is, would be the first step not to make any mistakes, the next step would be to understand how to use it, and whether or not to use it at all. In this case, poker tournament clock can help you a lot.

The factor which would affect the chances of your winning a hand in a continuous bet is if your cards aren’t too strong according the number of people playing against you. If there are only one or two people left on the table playing against you, the chances of winning are high, but a continuous bet on low value cards usually doesn’t work when there are still too many people playing. For more information you can see gaming Interactive show where all the situations are represented in real mode at the gambling table.

Remember the Cards

The cards on the board must also be kept in mind by a player. If the cards on the board are still on flop, the chances are that the others do not have strong cards either. If you continue to bet at this point of time, others would get intimidated which would increase your chances of winning.

The bet size and pot are the next two things to be kept in mind. In a no limit game, continuation bets are usually made, and this means that almost one third of the size of the pot is intimidated by other players. However, making small bets is also an effective and affordable way to make continuous bets without risking too much.

Also, if you have been playing tight hands on the table then making continuous bets would lead people to think that you have very strong cards, which would drive most of the players to give in and increase your chances of winning. Those are some of the bluffing tricks which you should master to play poker professionally.


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