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How To Play Poker - Guide for Players

Do you know what to do if you are late in a poker tournament and a player raises you all in?  You might think that you do, but you might not know all of the details which surround this poker action.  Most people think that it will depend on the hand that you were dealt, but it can be more complicated than that.  Any wise poker player knows that even having a bad hand like 2 and 5, may bring you to the winning.  If you lay the hand down to quickly, you might let everyone at the table see your tell.  You always have to leave your poker face on at all times, that is the main principle of bluffing and you should stick to it.  Do not forget that other players are always watching your every move, and every twinge that your face and body makes.  Focus on the hand that you are playing at that very given moment and do not make mistakes which can lean you to lose.  Similarly, those who play bingo will note that concentration is the key to success. Poker and bingo have many differences, but in both games keeping focused is essential to a strong game strategy. Even if luck does play a large part in both games, those who concentrate, come out on top.

Know When to Fold

When you are watching the World Series of Poker or gaming Interactive show on television, you might sometimes wonder why they did not lay the bad hand down.  Well, this is usually to keep the other players off balance so that they can learn to read their hands better.  You always want the other poker players at the table to chase you first.  Because of that, they may choose to call a rather dismal hand just to keep up ahead of the other players.  By acting as if you are packing a great hand, you might just get the others to fold their better hands.  Knowing when to fold and how fast that you want to do it, is crucially important to your game.

Get Rid of the Opponents

The ambition to draw the much weaker players out of the game can make you a big threat to the other players at the table.  It is always easier to do this if you are playing at a no limit table.  The reason is that you have the ability to go all in, whenever you choose to do so.  Let’s just say that you had a 2/3 off suit as your cards, and you decided to play it, even though it is usually considered as a hand that you would fold.  You might try to gain leverage over the others by raising the pot here.  Plus, if you get lucky on the flop than you will look like a genius.  If a player has what they consider to be a weak hand, which all depends on the knowledge that they poses, they might lay it down to you.  Getting a player to fold their hand to you is one of the biggest advantages of the game. Let’s say that you are in the second call position, and the player that acted first has just raised the pot in size by half.  If you have a good starting hand then you will want to counter raise the whole size of the existing pot.  This will be a gutsy play, and is liable to throw the other players off your trail.  This is a very effective way for you to play your hand correctly.

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Know the Rules

If you have a 6, 7 of spades and the flop reveals a J or Q of spades, and an A of clubs, you should be very careful of how you proceed with your hand.  If one of the other players at your table rises to the size of the pot, then you should probably fold the hand even though you have a possible flush.  To play poker properly, you have to be aware of the different hands that are out there.  With this particular hand and flop, the odds will be significantly stacked against your winning.  That is why it will be an obvious to fold for any knowledgeable and experienced player.  Reading the players and being able to predict which cards are most likely to come up on the flop is the only way to play game with the lowest chances to lose. River and the turn will set you up for a lot more wins than loses.  Knowing the fundamentals of a game like poker, especially no limit hold’em can increase you status rating, and help you achieve success.  Every great poker legend had to start the learning process here.  The practice of the knowledge is what got them where they are today, so you should also practice to become a good poker player.

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