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Bonuses at Poker Game

Whether you are a novice poker player or an expert, and whether you prefer playing for low stakes or you enjoy that high stakes adrenaline rush of nosebleed tournaments, you will find a bonus available at poker online room that will suit your ability and style. A 200% sign up bonus of up to $2,000 is available which is ideal for serious high stake poker players; though you can take advantage of the same 200% bonus structure if you prefer to deposit a smaller amount of say $50 or so.

In order to cash out the bonus you need to build up VIP Poker Points (VPPs), and the more VPPs you collect the greater the amount of the bonus you are able to redeem. To redeem $50 you need 2,500 VPPs and to redeem the next $350 you need 21,000 VPPs. You collect 20 VPPs for each $1.00 you contribute to tournament entry fees and pot rakes, so the more you play the more you collect and the greater the bonus amount you can redeem.

Another very attractive bonus on offer is the cash boost bonus. You simply enter daily free roll tournaments, and then use your winnings to enter cash booster tournaments with buy-ins as low as a cent. The cash prizes are boosted by up to £50 a tournament.

There are also four free roll tournaments that are available to new members with prize money of $10,000 each. Every new member is allowed to enter up to four of them. They are held every week on Friday evening, and you start with $2,500 free chips with blinds being increased every 10 minutes. The prize money is distributed amongst the top players.

There is also a fun $5.00 free bet bonus that you can use in casino games directly from the poker room, and there are a number of bonus offers in the VIP poker club that are available to frequent players.

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