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Bets In Poker Games

To stay in the game the poker player must invest some sum or simply make a bet of the set size. Betting process in an integral part of all the casino games, and it is extremely important to know how to place them correctly, otherwise you can never become a winner. There are a lot of articles online online casino gambling aspects which include tips on how to make bets when youplay free slots, tips on choosing the best bet in online roulette and recommendations to watch gaming Interactive show to see the most profitable bets in all games. Bets are equally important in all games, and each game has differences in gambling process, all you need is to make clear all of them to have profits in future .

In all poker forms the gamblers must place the forced bets to form the starting pot and stimulate other players to wager more. Let’s familiarize with all the types of obligatory bets in poker games separately and in betting combinations.


This obligatory bet used in some poker versions, mostly in tournaments, is placed when the cards have been already dealt, not like the blinds and antes. It is assigned to one gambler to start betting round and its amount is rather small comparing to other bets. The player who must make the bring-in is as a rule determined by the strength of his/her face up cards. It is stated by the rules. Bring-in is always used in the poker games with the antes.


The amount of this forced bet is equal for all the gamblers and it is posted at the start of the game session before the cards dealing. The basic peculiarity of ante is that it is posted by all the players at the table without exception. In poker forms with ante bets no other obligatory bets are used. Only in some tournaments antes and blinds are used.


This forced bet as well as ante bet is posted before the dealer starts dealing the cards, but it is posted by two gamblers only . Commonly there are two blind bets that are called the big blind and small blind. The small blind is posted by the immediate first player after the dealer. The big blind which usually is equal to the smallest betting amount is placed by the next poker player after the small blind (the second player after the dealer). In some casino halls the third blind bet is used that must be posted by the dealer.

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There are also some optional bets in poker used only in the games with blind bets. They are known as straddles. Straddles are not allowed to be used in poker tournaments.

Straddle is placed by the first poker player after the big blind. The amount of straddle is to be higher than the amount of the big blind bet, in fact it is the raise of the big blind. After the straddle has been made, the betting round begins from the next poker player to the left and ends at the straddle position. The gambler who posted the straddle bet can raise the bet and in this case the betting goes on.

There are also other bets in poker such as Post, Bring-in, Kill Blind and Sleeper.

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