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When top poker players are asked if they are up or down, the question is generally met with the same type of response: I honestly don’t know.

For some of them the answer would be embarrassing, but for the larger majority, they don’t answer because they honestly don’t know. You may find that answer somewhat irresponsible, but it does have its merits.

There are a lot of players in the game that have a tough time mentally. They know all of the betting tricks of the trade, and are technically brilliant. But when it comes to handling their emotions they fall to pieces.

If you want to smash your emotions to pieces them monetary loss or gain is generally a great use of a hammer. If you are down then you panic and start to chase your losses. You make sub-optimal decisions in order to recoup your loss over the short term. What you should be doing is ignoring your losses because you understand that it will even itself out, over time, through the optimal decision making process.

This is why poker players often ignore their results. If they believe in the long-term mentality – which they should do – then results mean very little. Also by ignoring them it cannot affect your performance.

When it comes time to review your game, focus on mistakes and not money. This way you can identify your true mistakes, as money can often distort the truth. It is best to check your results on a monthly basis, if you have a bankroll management system where you withdraw a percentage of your winnings. This is controlled and sensible. Checking each day could very easily turn irresponsible and crazy.

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