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Believe in Yourself and Not On Poker Myths to be a Pro

If it is a myth then it can never be true. In fact poker myths are created only to divert attention or serve some other purposes such as excuse of loses. Depending upon your own ability as a poker player and also trying to improve your game, you can always prove the myths are only myths and nothing else. Also you can give a try and play at to show that even in online and mobile gambling myths cannot be supported with the facts. Poker is a game played by the brave and the intelligent and the moment you start to believe in those myths, you start to make things difficult for you.

Before we start to discuss thepoker myths , it is important to know who have created those myths and what kind of players do actually believe in them. Most of the myths associated with online poker are created by those people who either don’t have a clear vision of the world of online poker, or by them who don’t want that you as a newbie have a clear idea of it to minimize quality competition. Most of these myths are believed by players with limited ability or without proper understanding of the game, or by people who are new to it. But like all other myths they are only myths too and there is very little truth in them.

The Curse of Poker

It is perhaps the most illogical and irrational of all the poker myths that surrounds the world of online poker. It says that if you withdraw from your online poker you will be followed by bad luck will soon lose a lump sum amount of money. This is just ridiculous when we have enough technology to gamble online and still believe in these types of baseless statements. The original intention of this myth is to make you keep playing and losing though you are completely unwilling to do so. There is absolutely no sense in it and you can always withdraw your bankroll as and when you feel for it.

Reading Hands

These particular types of poker myths are actually created to divert your attention and focus. It will tell you that until you can read the hands of your opponents you simply have no chance of winning a poker game. But the truth is that you’re winning and losing a game depends upon your hand and how well you can handle it and not what is there in the hands of your opponents. Your primary focus should be upon your own hand and analyzing the hands of your opponents to formulate a winning strategy and the moment you start to believe in it you start to go down the wrong way. These poker myths are also created as a marketing strategy for poker cheats and poker bots and you better never believe in them.

Some Players will Always Win

This is one of the most popular of all poker myths but is simply impossible in practical sense. Even the best players are found to have a maximum winning percentage of 60 to 80% and that means you always have a chance even against the best of the players provided that you handle your hand intelligently.

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